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Fillings services offered in Whitestone, NY

Fillings treat decayed spots in your teeth called cavities, which can cause extensive damage to otherwise healthy teeth if you don’t treat them. Dentist Maria-Teresa Ioannou, DDS, provides fillings after examining your mouth for cavities at Vida Dental in Whitestone, New York. Call Vida Dental or schedule an appointment online today for your next routine or tooth pain exam. 

What are fillings?

Fillings are a dental treatment you can get for cavities or tooth decay. They come in several materials, including metals like gold or silver amalgam and color-matchable materials like porcelain or composite resin. 

Before you get a filling at Vida Dental, your dentist discusses your options and helps you choose the right filling based on the location of your cavity. Your personal preferences also come into play. 

When you get a filling, your dentist removes all decayed portions from the surface and inside your tooth. After that, the remaining holes or channels are ready to be filled. 

When do I need a filling?

You need a filling when you have a cavity. You might not realize you have a cavity for some time, as they often don’t cause symptoms until they become severe. If you have symptoms, they can include:

  • Toothache or throbbing pain
  • Tooth sensitivity to touch, extreme temperatures, etc. 
  • A hole you can see in your tooth
  • A jagged portion of the tooth you can feel with your tongue

Whether or not your cavity causes symptoms (or whether or not you’ve noticed them), your dentist at Vida Dental can find a cavity during your next routine exam. X-rays detect decayed spots on your teeth so your dentist can treat the cavities before they grow larger. 

How should I care for the teeth that have fillings?

Once you get a filling, you need to focus on maintaining your oral health and hygiene. Not only does this help you maintain the filling, but it also helps you keep your oral health intact and avoid future cavities. 

Your dentist advises you to:

  • Brush twice daily using toothpaste with fluoride
  • Floss between your teeth once a day
  • Come in for dental cleanings every six months
  • Call Vida Dental with concerns about discomfort or sensitivity

If you visit with concerns about your filling, your dentist might use X-ray imaging to make sure the filling is secure and fits into the cavity snugly. Debris and bacteria can seep into cracks and cause tooth decay if a filling doesn’t fit properly. 

Call Vida Dental or schedule a visit online for a filling today.