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Dental Implants services offered in Whitestone, NY

If you have one or several missing teeth, consider dental implants for the immense amount of support they offer for brand-new custom restorations like crowns, bridges, or dentures. At Vida Dental in Whitestone, New York, dentist Maria-Teresa Ioannou, DDS, can evaluate you to find out if you’re a good candidate for implant surgery. Call Vida Dental or schedule your consultation online today. 

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are tiny titanium posts that a dentist surgically places in your upper or lower jawbone. These implants connect custom tooth restorations to your jaw to keep them sturdy. They function just like the roots of your natural teeth and can even maintain the health and density of the bone itself. 

Manufacturers use titanium for dental implants because it’s a biocompatible material. Also, the bone in your jaw naturally fuses to titanium after implant surgery in a process called osseointegration. This effectively makes the implant a permanent feature in your skull. 

Depending on your needs, you can get one or multiple implants at Vida Dental to support long-lasting custom restorations. 

What do implants hold onto?

Implants can hold onto several different types of restoration. Depending on your personal needs and concerns, you can get implants for:

Individual crowns

Just one implant can support an individual crown, which you can get in a tooth-colored material like porcelain or ceramic, so it blends in among your other teeth. 


Some bridges use healthy teeth for support, but others use dental implants. If you have several missing teeth in a row, an implant-supported bridge might be your best option for replacement. 


You can get 4-6 evenly spaced dental implants to support a whole row of dentures for your upper or lower arch. 

What are the benefits of opting for dental implants?

Implants offer considerable benefits compared with other treatments for missing teeth or simply going without those teeth. You might be interested in getting dental implants because they:

  • Are permanent 
  • Are stable 
  • Support your jawbone
  • Help maintain your facial structure
  • Allow you to speak clearly
  • Don’t require dietary restriction

Of course, every case is different, and you need an evaluation to know whether you can get dental implants. If your bone isn’t dense enough to support an implant, your dentist might advise you to get a bone graft first. 

Dental implants allow you to enjoy a full smile without dietary restrictions that could damage other restorations. Call Vida Dental or schedule your dental implant consultation online today.