How Lip Fillers Can Complete Your Smile Makeover

May 01, 2023
How Lip Fillers Can Complete Your Smile Makeover
You’ve corrected all your cosmetic dental flaws with a comprehensive smile makeover. The perfect way to complete your look? Lip augmentation. Here’s how lip fillers can minimize a gummy smile and help you attain fuller, smoother, more defined lips.

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you — that’s why you practice good oral hygiene habits and have twice-yearly dental cleanings and exams with Dr. Maria-Teresa Ioannou and our expert team at Vida Dental Spa in Whitestone, New York. 

It’s also why you’ve decided to correct the aesthetic dental flaws that detract from your smile — such as yellowed or chipped enamel, unwanted gaps, or misaligned teeth — with a comprehensive smile makeover. 

Whether your smile makeover includes orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®, in-office teeth whitening, a new crown, a dental implantveneers, or some combination of cosmetic dental treatments, lip augmentation may be the perfect way to complete your look. 

Read more to learn how lip augmentation with dermal fillers can enhance your smile. 

A short tutorial on lip augmentation

Like every facial feature that determines an individual’s unique appearance, lips come in many different shapes and sizes: Some people have naturally thin lips or a narrow upper lip, while others have a large upper lip, a plump bottom lip, or a matching set of full lips.

Lip augmentation is the perfect solution if naturally thin lips give you a “gummy” smile that makes you feel self-conscious or if your naturally full lips have thinned and become narrower, less defined, and more lined with age. 

Apart from Botox®, no other minimally invasive cosmetic treatment is as popular as lip fillers. It’s easy to see why: With just a few tiny, skillful injections of a top-tier dermal filler, you can attain or restore optimum lip volume, definition, and texture, creating a perfect smile that lasts for months. 

How do lip fillers enhance my smile? 

Using a high-quality dermal filler product gives you flawless lip augmentation results. At Vida Dental Spa, we only use leading, FDA-approved synthetic hyaluronic acid fillers for subtly beautiful, natural-looking results that can last a year or longer. 

Your body already produces hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated, smooth, and resilient, among other functions. Synthetic hyaluronic acid, a crystal-clear gel carefully injected in the right spots, adds volume to your lips, redefining their shape and smoothing fine lines. And when thin lips become fuller, they no longer disappear to show your gums when you smile.

As a dentist fully trained in every aspect of facial anatomy, Dr. Ioannou uses her combined expertise, precision, and light touch to deliver an individualized approach for perfect lip augmentation results.

Who should consider lip augmentation?

Whether you wish your lips didn’t give you such a gummy smile or don’t like how normal, age-related changes have made your lips thinner and less defined than they used to be, dermal filler lip augmentation can give you the improved appearance you’re after. 

Common reasons our patients decide to complete a smile makeover with lip fillers include: 

  • Wanting to fill in naturally thin lips that don’t balance other facial features 
  • A desire to “plump up” average lips that narrow and disappear when smiling
  • To restore youthful fullness to lips that look thinner and more lined with age
  • To redefine flat lips that make you feel self-conscious about your appearance

Lip augmentation can give you fuller, well-defined lips that bring better aesthetic balance to your face and your perfect smile. 

How long will my lip filler results last?

Lip fillers are a temporary cosmetic enhancement, meaning the synthetic hyaluronic acid that plumps and redefines your lips gradually breaks down and disappears through your lymphatic system. 

When an unskilled hand administers lip fillers, results are more likely to be overblown and short-lived, lasting a few months at best. However, when a specialist like Dr. Ioannou expertly injects lip fillers, you can expect gorgeous, subtle results that last a year or longer. And all it takes to maintain your new smile indefinitely is an annual lip-boosting appointment. 

Ready to complete your smile makeover with fuller, more defined lips? We can help. To learn more about lip augmentation with dermal fillers, call or click online to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ioannou at Vida Dental Spa in Whitestone, New York, today.